I like to check shit out. I like people (mostly). Deep down we are all very similar; more simlar tha different. I enjoy sharing a laugh with people who do not speak my language. I like new sensations: taste, sound, texture, smell, color, light. I like the notion of freedom. I don't buy into borders and owership of the earth. Enjoy the photos.

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Bangkok   baja 07
Just a few days in Guadalupe Canyon, Baja, Mexico.

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Bangkok   how do you spank an elephant
"Mah was essentially spanking Mroy for being bad, but used a lot of yelling and a bit of stabbing and prodding, not deep wounds, but it was frightening for all of us to see blood running down the scared beasts trunk and legs. I had to trust they knew what they were doing, and it begs the question: how to do discipline such a young elephant that could have killed another elephant, mahout or tourists?"

• How do you spank and elephant | Return Visit to Boasri? (images 550pix) | Blog entry here.

Bangkok   the treasure of Laos
"I loved Laos. Most people who have been there will say that. I hated to leave and on retrospect should have stayed longer. I mean, who can say goodbye to safron robed monks swimming in Kuang Si green water? Beyond the emotional pain of leaving the beautiful country and people, actually leaving isn't easy in Laos, no matter where you go it's a hard jouney since the infrastructure is still be developed. The slow, two-day boat ride up the Mekong is certainly a unique way to exit a country..."

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Bangkok   the other side of angkor
"Beyond (rather, before) the temples of Angkor are the Cambodian people trying to make a living selling the tourists water and trinkets. I met one family and felt deeply for them. There are so many more families to meet and help. One at a time. "Stall #2 is #1!"

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Bangkok   the temples of angkor
"The Temples of Angkor (including Angkor Wat) are the written history of the Khmer people in the sandstone of time, set upon by gold-leafed banyan trees and discovered anew but us. The temples rise with the sun, breathtaking lotus flowers arching high into the air, monuments to a proud people once the largest city in the world with one million inhabitants, now the lively hood of several thousand. The spirited people who live here need these temples less as a source for enlightenment than as a source for food. Climbing narrow treacherous steps -- for it is said it should not be any easy thing to reach the hand of God -- one gazes out upon the fertile valleys and Tonlé Sap lake and can't help but wonder what it must be like to be king..."

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tonlesap   crossing tonle sap lake
What a strange and eerie lake (lake erie?). At high noon the horizon fades away, leaving a barren waterscape. All was fine until the engine quit and the temperature in the boat sky rocketed to 40 c (over 100 f). Under power once again, the breeze cooling us down, it's time to take some shots of the nothing. Pom chop ("I like").

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Bangkok   around the pehn
Phnom Pehn is as crazy as it's spelled. I did manage to find some cool things and get some shots of my friend's hospital. I really enjoyed capturing people driving by at dusk, a spontaneous shoot, and fortunate to capture an elusive 5 people on one moitobike!

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changabnam   chang abnam (elephant shower)
I worked for a month with elephants in Jomtien, Thailand and was lucky enough to be there when a big shower was being built for the beasts. It was truly a great experience.

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changabnam   Dub for Boasri
"A few kilometers south of Pattaya, Thailand, there is an elephant ("chang") reserve called the Elephant Mahout Project (EMP), which provides a safe haven for about 15 elephants and their handlers, or mahouts ("quan chang"), and the mahout's families. The project was started about two years ago by a big hearted man named Anon through the financial support of his sister and her husband as a way for the elephants to earn a meager living giving rides to tourists and not doing hard labor such as logging or working in a circus environment..." So, for one month my new 2 ton girlfriend and I hung out and got to know eachother. And then I went back for a final week at the end of my trip!

• One size (images 550pix) | Blog entries here, and here.

Bangkok   on the klong
For me I find what's going behind the scenes of a main street very interest8ing, especially in places like Bangkok where street fronts and clean(ish) doorways give way to the most amazing sites and smells. A great example of this is the water taxis along the Klong San Sap canal that runs through Bangkok. I put myself on assignment and rode the klong for eight hours getting some interesting images, as well as a little sunburn.

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Bangkok   Joshua Tree & Baja
M and I went to Baja via Joshua Tree for the winter holiday known locally as "Christmas." It was an enjoyable trip and I'm using the experience and images as a testing ground for a new method of displaying my photos. Notably, there is section of larger images for high-bandwidth, and smaller images for low-bandwidth. Feedback is appreciated.

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momo   short visit to buffalo
I went back home for a few days in July 2005 for my 20 high school reunion (ouch!) and to see all the work my father has done to the barn.

• BUFFALO : images

Best of Thailand   alaska
M and I went to the Kenai Peninsula in June 2005 to visit our friends Liz and Petey. It was ana amazing experience and not one we would have done without our friends tugging us up there.

• ALASKA : images

Best of Thailand

  thailand 2005
My first visit to Thailand. I was totally blown away. Beautiful people, beautiful spot on earth.

• BEST 50 SHOTS : images
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  FLORIDA 2005
My brother turned 40 and it brought brought the family out.

• FLORIDA : images

  sf at night
A little photoshoot from Treasure Island

• SF AT NIGHT : images

  NEW ZEALANd 2002
Two weeks on the North and South island.

• NEW ZEALAND : images

  australia 2002
Sydney, Arlie, Melbourne...It's all there and more!

• SYDNEY : images
• ARLIE BEACH: images
• MELBOURNE : images

  italy 1999
Part honeymoon, part reunion with the home land. Text to follow soon, including my rediscovery of long lost relatives.

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